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Advanced Esthetics       


Advanced Skincare

Sesderma is an innovated high quality, anti-aging, repairing, pharmaceutical product from Spain their chemical peels are the only peels on the market that uses the Nano system which means the active liposome in the solution is smaller than our skin cells causing the product to enter the cell changing it rather than surrounding it. It is designed to protect, repair and prevent aging, photo damage and many other skin concerns.

Correcting Treatments

These corrections are non-traditional, they are customized treatments that will give you the results you are looking for and can be done every 10 to 14 days. Best results are presented when committed to a series of 6 or more, or 4 to 6 week preventative or maintenance.

Ferulac – First patented liposomed peel system where the main active ingredient is the ferulic acid. Indicated for all signs of photoaging.

Properties of ferulic acid : The antioxidant action of ferulic acid protects the skin from the aggressions caused by free radicals. Ferulic acid inhibits and neutralizes the action of free radicals and enhances the effects of vitamins C and E. It protects the skin from UVB and UVA radiation, helping minimize the damage caused by the sun and protecting cellular DNA.   $125

DNA – Nanosomed peel system that prevents and repairs sun-induced skin damage.

Ferulic acid decreases by 40% the development of thymine dimers in DNA structure (chemical studies on embryo Medaka). It is characterized by its antioxidant properties to protect the skin from aggression caused by free radicals and potentiate the effects of vitamins C and E. It provides protection to the skin from UVA and UVB radiation, helping to minimize the damage caused by the sun and protecting the cellular DNA. Reduces inflammation and erythema caused by oxidative processes in the skin. Controls the activity of tyrosinase, preventing and clearing unwanted pigmentation. It also has a pro-apoptotic effect in cancer cells.   $105

Firming – Bring back firmness and elasticity to the skin with the restructuring capacity of Pyruvic acid and restore the tightness of your skin. Pyruvic also will benefit acne scars and stretch marks.   $155

(Follow up with Sesderma home care)


Anti-Acne Inflammatory – Unique peel with free and liposomal salicylic acid that acts directly on the pilosebaceous unit.   $150

Anti-Acne Moderate : Papulo Pustular –  A complete line of salicylic and modified Jessners formula designed to treat moderate to severe acne.       

Anti-Acne Moderate Acne in Sensitive Skin : Papulo Pustular – Azelac System is a chemical peel specially design to treat acne on sensitive skin.   $165

(Follow up with Sesderma home care)

Superficial Peel

Yellow Peel –  Retises is the gold standard based on retinol which strengthens and accelerates results in anti-aging, acne and hyper-pigmentation treatments. Retinol is a retinoid precursor of retinoic acid. It accelerates mitosis, increases the enzymatic activity and normalizes keratinization. Nourishes the skin, prevents the appearance of new wrinkles, reduces the depth of existing wrinkles, and increases skin´s elasticity. Furthermore, retinol attenuates the blemishes caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation, regulating keratinocyte mobility and proliferation. These peels can be used in combination with other anti aging, repairing, or depigmenting treatments (chemical peels, laser, IPL…).   (alone) $115    (in addition to) Ferulac ,DNA    $75

(Follow up with Sesderma home care)


MICRO-NEEDLING COLLAGEN INDUCTION : Mesotherapy & Nanopore micro-needling are our newest and most sought after non-surgical anti-ageing treatments, excellent for rejuvenating the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

What is Mesotherapy & Nanopore? This Nanopore Micro-needling & Mesotherapy treatment is the next generation on from Dermaroller and Dermapen. The rapidity of the micro-punctures and the fact that the needles do not vibrate means that no anesthetic cream is required and the number of pulses per second is increased to 150. This means that we get 900 micro-punctures per seconds, making the treatment very effective.The recovery after a treatment is also considerably reduced. The fact that the device is used to push the active ingredients into the skin (mesotherapy) means that the results are even better. A mask that compliments the mesotherapy solution can then also be used.

Revitalization & regeneration rapidly creates micro-channels into your collagen producing layer of the skin & is infused with corrective serums to create a stronger layer of collagen & elastin for younger smoother skin

  • Level 1  Fundamental…… cleanse, purify, & liposome … $125
  • Level 2  Essential………….cleanse, purify, growth factor, liposome & mask $200
  • Level 3 Combination………cleanse, purify, growth factor, liposome & Ferulac, DNA, or Acne peel treatment … $300

Growth factors $20 per 2ml.

(Follow up with Sesderma home care)